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NSW Global Education Project.
The Global Education Project in NSW is funded by AusAID and managed by the Professional Teachers' Council NSW. Its goal is to raise awareness and understanding of development, poverty, and global contentious issues amongst primary and secondary teachers and pre-service university students across NSW
Dr Susan Bliss is the Director of the NSW Global Education Project
Martin Pluss is the Web Coordinator
Overview of Global Education
1. What is Global Education?
2. New South Wales Global Education Project 2010
Global Perspectives: A Framework for Global Education in Australian Schools (2008)
Curriculum Links
4. Global Education in NSW Curriculums: Overview
Global Education Integrated within HSIE Syllabuses K-12
Five Learning Emphases: links to curricula and student activities
6. Interdependence and Globalisation
7. Identity and Cultural Diversity
8. Social Justice and Human Rights
9. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
Sustainable Futures
Values, Knowledge and Skills: links to curricula and student activities
11. Values and Attitudes
12. Values for a Sustainable World – refereed article
13. Knowledge and Understandings. Focus Contentious Issues
14. Skills and Processes

Action and Participation: links to curricula and student activities
15. Action and Participation
16. Local-Global Citizenship – AusAID, UN, NGOs
Good Governance
Global Education Focus
18. Global Education: Asia Focus
19. Fieldwork Links to Global Education
20. Skills and Processes: Reviewing Global Education Resources
Global Education Integrated within Maps, Graphs, Statistics, Tables, Photographs, Cartoons
Academic Referred Articles
22. Perspectives in Australian Global Education and Geography/Matauranga Matawhenua (New Zealand Geography Curricula)
23. Global Perspectives Integrated in Global and Geographical Education
24. Microcredit – Small Loans Big Dreams
25. Child Labour in Tourism Industry in Developing Countries
26. Growing Global Education and Globalisation in Australia
27. Sustainability of Modern Cuba’s Post Revolution Globalisation Process
28. Pre-Service Secondary Teacher’ Prior Knowledge, Skills and Values of Global Education
29. Implementation of Innovative Transdisciplinary New South Wales Secondary Global Education Project
Australian Global Education: Beyond Rhetoric Towards Reality
Articles for teachers
31. Geography Bulletin, Textbooks and other Articles, CD Roms
Geography and Global Education
Director of Global Education Project NSW
GTANSW Professional Development including Global Education Workshops
Registration and Flyers GTANSW and Global Education Workshops/ Conferences
Articles, Podcasts, YouTube and PowerPoints
School projects
Global Education Award

Whole school approach
32. United Nations International Decades, Years, Days - International Year of Biodiversity 2010

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